Back in 2015 I started blogging a bit about my recording studio only to have dropped the ball on it about a year ago. Well with a new year comes new resolutions and this year's resolution is to get back in the blogging saddle. However, this time around I wanted to be a little more focused and have come up with a theme/title for the blog. The Minimalist Recordist. To kick off the new blog I wanted to introduce myself and setup what I have in mind for the content ahead. So, intro...

My name is Brandon Shattuck and I own and operate a recording studio in Orlando, FL called Parafonic Recording Studio. I've been recording and mixing music for 8 years total now, but have only had my own studio for about two and a half years. Back in 2009 I graduated from college and spent the next four years as a freelance audio engineer in Nashville, TN. In 2013 my wife and I moved to Orlando for a new job opportunity for her and shortly after I was able to open up my own studio. At my studio I do everything that encompasses producing music. Recording, editing, mixing, mastering, archiving, and restoring. My philosophy on music production has always been to keep things simple, unique, and creative hence the title The Minimalist Recordist. The music and the artist are of the most importance and the gear and techniques are used only to support the artist's vision for their music. My studio has been built on a very small budget. I rent a very affordable space and I only invest in gear when I have the cash and can't work without it. I've been making the studio happen for almost three years now and have done it completely debt free and with little outside investment. With this blog I hope to share some of my experiences as a studio owner and music producer. Some blogs might be more about the business side of things and others may be about specific music production ideas. When it's all said and done I hope to share some content that's worth paying attention to and that you'll enjoy what you read, see, and hear!    

-Brandon Shattuck
 The Minimalist Recordist