Studio Services


Basic Singer/Songwriter Recording

This package is great for an aspiring artist who wants to record a single to start marketing their music, or wants a simple EP or album to distribute to their fans. It's also good for an already established artist that might want to demo some songs before fully producing them. Or you might not be striving for a full time music career at all, and just want to document some songs you've written for friends and family. Whatever your end goal, this is the quickest and easiest way to get into the recording process.

- $200/song, includes up to 2 hours of recording time and up to 2 hours of editing and mix/master time.
- One instrument(usually guitar or piano) and up to two vocals(lead vocal and a background).
- Depending on number of songs recorded, this package can usually be completed in 1-3 days.


Demo Recording for Bands

This is a great way for a new band to get some experience in a recording studio. Traditionally a band would first record a quick demo that they could use to help book shows, tours and even solidify a record deal with a label. These are all still viable reasons to make a demo, but a demo can also be used as promotional material on social media or a website. 

- $150/song, includes up to 1 hour of recording time and up to 2 hours of editing and mix/master time. 
- Demo projects are usually at least 3 songs.  
- This package can usually be completed in 1-5 days depending on number of songs.


Full Production for Band or Artist

This is the full production package with all the bells and whistles. This is best for a band or artist that's ready to put out either a single, EP, or full album that can stand up against any other current, commercial release of music. This is the most expensive and time consuming package but is the best option for quality and commercial relevance.

- Contact us for quotes.
- Most songs can be recorded in a day's worth of studio time. If some songs require additional overdubs(strings,     horns, lots of vocal stacks), more time may be needed. Most songs can be mixed in 4 hours.
- We can provide top-notch musicians for artists that don't have a band! 
- This package can take as little as 2 days for singles and up to 20-30 days for a full album. 


Mixing/Mastering Services

This is for a band or artist that has already recorded their songs but needs them to be mixed and/or mastered. You could have recorded yourself or recorded at another studio, we'll be able to pick up where you left off. We can mix your songs and then send them to one of our preferred mastering engineers, or if you're on a smaller budget we can master them in-house.

- Mixing starts at $200/song. Additional costs might be needed for any editing(pocketing, vocal tuning).
- Our recommended mastering is usually $50-$70/song.
- Our in-house mastering can be done for $50/hr. Usually a 5 song EP is done in 2 hours($100) and a 10 song album     is done in 4 hours($200).
- We can usually mix up to 2 songs a day, so a 10 song album will usually take 5 days to complete.


Please Contact us for any questions or quotes Concerning your project!!