- Full band/artist production

   Want to record a single, EP, or full album?  We manage every detail of the project from pre-production,             recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. We make sure that the end result is a true representation of your       musical expression.

   $640/song(most full band songs), $260/acoustic, vocal songs

   * These rates include "in house" mastering. It is recommended to use an outside mastering engineer. Those             services are booked at an additional rate.

- Live Demo Band Recording

   This is a good way for a new band to get in the studio for the first time and record a live recording. This is     a great promotional tool to start getting traction as a new band.


- Recording

   If you need to book recording for just a few hours or by the day to finish a project, we can accommodate.

   $40/hour,  $320/day - 8 hour day   

- Mixing

   If you recorded your project at another studio or recorded yourself, we would love to mix it! Our mixing rate       includes the mix of the song and instrumental mix.

   $200/song w/ 10+ tracks, $100/song w/ 10- tracks     

   *Songs that need vocal tuning or editing will be billed additional for editing

- Mastering  

   We offer high quality mastering at an affordable rate. We deliver high quality wav and mp3 masters.

   $40/singles, $20/additional songs

   $120 for a 5 song EP

   $220 for a 10 song album      

- Editing

   If you have tracks already recorded but want drums pocketed, vocals tuned, or other tracks cleaned up, we can       do all the editing for you.

   $40/hour, or billed at $320/day

- DIY Support

   If you prefer to do your project yourself but need help with just a thing or two don't be afraid to reach out.     We have helped out with recording drums on some DIY projects to lending our ears on some mix tweaks on others.

   $40/hour, or billed at $320/day

- Podcast Production

  Does your business or organization need a podcast? We can help you develop a strategy for your podcast,            record, edit, mix, and deliver the final mp3. 

  $200/podcast episode, typical 40 minute - 1 hour episode


**Rates Are subject to change. These rates are general to most projects. Some projects' needs could inflate the time needed to complete, therefore inflating the rate. 

**To get the Most Accurate quote for your project, send a request through the contact form and setup a consultation at the studio.